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 for an Exclusive VIP Service, we use the best group friendly clubs either big and bold or small and sexy!

The clubs play a whole range of funky tunes for the ultimate party night out - it's your night so don't waste it in a queue.

Essential for any Event!!

Entry will mean: walk past the entire queue, smile and walk in!


Guest List Passes

Get yourself on the guest list - VIP passes save time and offer a classy entrance to any night club. Perfect for your hen or stag night out.

All packages include Saturday VIP nightclub entry as standard, but if you want to party the whole weekend then please let us know upon booking!

Q: Do I have to book a package? A: No!

You can purchase nightclub tickets separately if you want to although you would be crazy not to take advantage of our group hotel booking service!


VIP Nightclub Entries

If you are part of a large group, then don't risk being turned away at the door, ensure you pre-book and guarantee your admission to the nightclub.

Our VIP Guest list entries offer the best value for group entry in Southern California. There are no further entrance fees on the night, and remember that you won't have to queue in any of the venues!


VIP Events Packages

Phat X also have exclusive packages for other types of events from church events, fashion shows, concerts and more.  We are a VIP concierge service to events.  Some of our packages include:


Fancy something a bit special?

Enjoy an intimate VIP experience with a private booth or room, positioned in a club's VIP area where you can enjoy the company of your own guests in a more luxurious setting. Immersed in decadent surroundings you can party like a star with the luxury of a personal waitress and your own security guard.


We can also arrange or included in some of our packages:

·      Dinning

·      Artist and/or Champagne Receptions

·      Access to separate VIP entrances (no queuing) & Seating

·      Private cloakrooms (no queuing for cloakroom)

·      Free mixers

·      Personal waitress

·      Personal security services

·      Party Buses/Limousine/Helicopter/Powerboat Transfers 


If you do not have the luxury of a connection or a hosted entrance, you typically can expect to wait 2 to 3 hours before you can get your groove on.  The wait is far from entertaining unless you are amused by drunks, pushy people, and others cutting in line.

Have you ever waited in line and wondered how some people were able to walk straight up to the entrance, wave someone down, and get in immediately?  You look on with wonder.  How are they so important that they get in straight away?  That could be you, if you wish to take advantage of hosted entrance services offered by



When you’re looking for special treatment for a special occasion
or if you just want to live it up, Phat X can assist by offering a VIP host services to any of the hot clubs in the city. 



A hosted entrance service typically runs about $70 for gents & $35 for ladies. 
Don’t compare this service to many of the other sites out there. This isn’t some coupon you print from your PC or a guest list service where you have to get in another line, only shorter.


Pay a little extra for special treatment.  Come to Phat X and enjoy your weekend VIP style.  Who wouldn’t want an ego boost as the night begins?  




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