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 More Clubs and events from around the world

An online guide to urban events.

Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival
A three-day film festival awarding independent film-makers influenced by hip hop culture as well as prominent hip hop musicians who have transitioned from music to film.
( Added on 07-21-2005, 518 hits - report broken )

Back to Planet Rock
The official homepage of one of Europe's biggest hip hop jams, taking place September 30th 2000, Eindhoven Holland
( Added on 04-17-2000, 2313 hits - report broken )

Beatsiality is a UK hip hop night in York, showcasing UK hip hop DJs and MCs in their events.
( Added on 12-08-2004, 754 hits - report broken )

C'mon Feet
C'mon Feet is Manchester's biggest live hip hop night and has been running since December 2000. The night combines local UK skills in the form of the residents/open-mic specialists with an innovative bookings policy where guests are booked not on the size of their mainstream appeal, but on the strength of their live shows.
( Added on 10-19-2003, 1348 hits - report broken )
A source for information about clubs & events in Toronto, Canada area.
( Added on 05-18-2004, 1105 hits - report broken )

Danish HipHop Awards
The website of hip hop awards -show in Denmark. [in Danish]
( Added on 03-07-2003, 871 hits - report broken )

Democrazy is an independent and official non-profit musicclub in Gent, Belgium, with a strong preference for alternative underground music and 20 years of experience. Democrazy promotes hip hop and turntablism in events co-produced with B9000 Records.
( Added on 01-02-2003, 827 hits - report broken )

A resource for club and event information in New England area.
( Added on 12-04-2004, 311 hits - report broken )

Eclectic Breaks
Eclectic Breaks runs a Sunday night club in London (first of each month), mixing hip hop with all things sound system. They put on some of the world's leading hip hop DJs including Plus One, DJ Skully, Mr Thing, Charlie Dark (Attica Blues), the Mixologists and DJ Vadim.
( Added on 11-21-2002, 1116 hits - report broken )

End of the Weak
End of the Weak is New York City's longest running weekly open mic night. Check out this site for audio & video, info on the "MC Challenge", and press publicity.
( Added on 08-26-2003, 1412 hits - report broken )

Fatmilk is a hip hop club based in Gteborg, Sweden. This site features info on upcoming gigs at Fatmilk, photos from past parties, and an article on the history of the club. [in Swedish]
( Added on 12-14-2004, 550 hits - report broken )

Flashnightz is a hip hop jam from Germany. [in German]
( Added on 10-18-2002, 1026 hits - report broken )

A site listing hip hop shows and events taking place around Stockholm, Sweden. [in Swedish]
German Guide
A guide to hiphopclubs in Germany. [in German]
Gman & Rizk Productions
A club/event/concert promoter from Vancouver, BC. 

An events and party directory.
( Added on 03-05-2006, 145 hits - report broken )

Hamburg Hiphop
A resource on hip hop clubs and events in Hamburg, Germany. [in German]
( Added on 02-16-2003, 1001 hits - report broken )

Hip Hop Directo
Listings of hip hop events, shows, and concerts taking place around Spain. [in Spanish]
( Added on 10-04-2005, 404 hits - report broken )

Hip Hop Film Fest Tour
Hip Hop Film Fest Tour is on a mission to screen flicks that depict the evergrowing influence of hip hop as a modern cultural force.
( Added on 10-03-2002, 1190 hits - report broken )

Hip Hop Hurray
The first annual hip hop tour in India.
( Added on 07-16-2005, 197 hits - report broken )

Jump Off
A hip hop club from Stockholm, Sweden.
( Added on 12-24-2004, 619 hits - report broken )

KungFu-London is a monthly hip hop / soul / funk -club in London.
( Added on 08-16-2003, 1549 hits - report broken )

LA Hip Hop Calendar
An up-to-date source for information concerning hip hop events/clubs/shows in Los Angeles area.
( Added on 11-28-2002, 3780 hits - report broken )

The International Soul Series is comprised of young spoken word artists from Sacramento, California who also produce music videos and short films.
( Added on 10-15-2002, 624 hits - report broken )

A guide to clubs and events in Montreal, Canada. [in French]
( Added on 03-13-2002, 994 hits - report broken )

National Phonographic
National Phonographic is a three day event in Rotterdam, Holland, topicing and showcasing the art of turntablism.
( Added on 09-21-2003, 351 hits - report broken )

Off The Hook
Based in Derby in the Midlands of the UK, Off the Hook provides live hip hop, DJing, breaking, visuals and good vibes on the second Friday of every month. All of the biggest acts from the UK and the states have passed through making this one of the UK's most essential sessions.
( Added on 05-11-2002, 948 hits - report broken )

Rap Fest 2000
A free gospel hiphop event in Bronx, New York.
( Added on 06-12-2000, 1256 hits - report broken )

A hip hop night with live acts taking place about once every 2 months in Cambridge, UK. Organized by The Dirty Stop Outs.
( Added on 10-19-2003, 367 hits - report broken )

Richard's on Richards
One of Vancouver's best providers of live entertainment. Friday nights feature FLAVOR - R & B, Funk, & Old School with DJs Dave, P-Love (of The Boyscouts) & Seanski.
( Added on 06-07-2000, 523 hits - report broken )

Rockin Da North
Rockin Da North is collective organizing hip hop events in Finland. The site has information on their past & upcoming events, as well as material on the Finnish hip hop scene in general.
( Added on 06-07-2001, 773 hits - report broken )

Saargebeat is a club founded in October 2001. Its goals are to unite and support local crews in all elemts. This site exhibits artwork, sounds, cuts and thousands of photos from the Saar-Lour-Lux area Germany/France/Luxembourg). [in German]
( Added on 01-16-2003, 283 hits - report broken )

Scratch is a UK hip hop club focusing on the four elements of hip hop, and taking place at Cross Bar at the north side of London known as Kings Cross.
( Added on 10-21-2003, 746 hits - report broken )

Shinjuku Spoken Words Slam
The website of a spoken word slam event taking place in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. [in Japanese]
( Added on 08-29-2005, 83 hits - report broken )

Shredded Melody
NYC hip hop event listings.
( Added on 05-05-2004, 705 hits - report broken )

The Soundlessons project is an event taking place every 4th Saturday of the month @ the El Cid @ 4212 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. The club is hosted by the residents DJ J-Logic, DJ Jun, Garth Trinidad, DJ Dusk, Mr. Alfred Hawkins & Kutma Fresh.
( Added on 10-16-2003, 297 hits - report broken )

Splash Festival
Splash Festival is Europe's largest hip hop and dancehall event, held in Germany. [in German]
( Added on 04-11-2002, 748 hits - report broken )

Summer Session Festival
The home of the Summer Session Festival, organized by Rising, a group of hip hop afficionados from Strasbourg, France.
( Added on 07-09-2002, 442 hits - report broken )

The Avenue
The website for "The Avenue", a hip hop show based in Philly. Check the site for what's going on in the hip hop scene in Philadelphia, concert information & graff.
( Added on 08-07-2002, 535 hits - report broken )

The Jump Off
A weekly hip hop club taking place at the Sound, Leicester Square, London, UK.
( Added on 10-29-2003, 615 hits - report broken )

The Swedish Hip-Hop Awards
The official site of the annual Swedish Hip-Hop Awards show. [in Swedish]
( Added on 12-12-2003, 266 hits - report broken )

Toast and SpreadLove
A London, UK, hip hop and breakbeat night.
( Added on 10-17-2003, 410 hits - report broken )

TOFLO is a simple web portal for club, event, and concert listings for the urban Toronto community.
( Added on 04-26-2004, 261 hits - report broken )

Trust in Wax
Trust in Wax is a monthly night of 70s funk, hiphop, house and big beat taking place in Mnster, Germany. [in German]
( Added on 11-24-2003, 225 hits - report broken )

Twylyte, based in London, England, has a reputation as "Independent Urban Music Specialists" in UK. Twylyte is the founder of the RoaR Showcase held every 3 months around the UK, an event designed to provide a platform for new artists alike, from Hip Hop, R'n'B, Drum 'n' Bass to Ragga and Garage.
( Added on 02-27-2003, 500 hits - report broken )

Vuokatti Pipe Fest
The website of a hip hop festival to be held in Vuokatti, Finland, on July 3rd & 4th. [in Finnish]